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Mobility is the strength within a joint to sustain its range of motion, while flexibility is the stretch of muscles around a joint. Both joint mobility and flexibility are necessary for a healthy range of motion. Shania's mobility training sessions are designed to help clients improve these crucial aspects of physical health.

Mobility sessions are 30-minute sessions that can be booked in addition to your massage session or separately.  When you arrive for your mobility session, please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch and move.  A yoga mat and rolling tools will always be provided during your session.

Tips for the best mobility experience:

  • Bring a notebook to write down exercises!

  • Phones are welcome if you need to take a short video to remember how to do a stretch or exercise.

  • Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during your session.

Workshops for Teams


Restrictive patterns of use are inevitable for many sports.  Repetitive use creates imbalances in the musculoskeletal system which turns into ankle sprain, shin splints, groin pulls, shoulder injuries, knee and Low back injuries.  As a gymnastics coach I began looking at injuries or times my athletes came to me looking to ice this and that.  I began looking more at the athlete's posture and thinking about the mechanics of why.  I began teaching my students basic rolling techniques for different parts of the body and there was a shift in responsibility.  Athletes began asking how to treat their own muscle tightness with rolling, stretching and muscle activation.   Now instead of sitting out, they ask if they can try stretching or rolling first to see if that helps.  When it does, they go back to their practice.  Self-care in the form of rolling, stretching and muscle activation has been a great addition to the already stellar training program that exists.


I am available for sports teams locally to help teach their athletes the basics of foam rolling, stretching and muscle activation for corrective care.  There is more to it than just rolling.  I teach where and when to roll, how long and yes it depends on how much pressure you use.   I am available for the following workshops


Rolling Pre and Post Workouts


Stability and Core for Improved Sports Performance


Mobility and Flexibility Gains


Post Workout Recovery



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