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Massage Therapy

The massage therapy session combines the benefits of Sport and Swedish massage techniques to offer a customized treatment for both recovery and relaxation. Orthopedic and myofascial release methods are incorporated, and you can opt for additional cupping, tools, heated salt stones and heat to further enhance the experience. The ambiance of the therapy room is serene and calming, allowing you to completely unwind.



Maintain your mobility, nurture your joints, and reap the rewards of massage therapy. I am Shania Sonneville, a Licensed Massage Therapist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Gymnastics Coach, committed to helping individuals move better through myofascial release techniques and promoting self-care through stretching and myofascial rolling. My ultimate objective is to optimize your physical movement.


I offer my clients a range of services, including massage therapy, mobility training, stretching assistance, and ongoing education and support. Let me help you optimize your physical performance and well-being.


With 18 years of experience and as a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, I have consistently exceeded the minimum requirements set by New York State (NYSOP) and maintained the highest standards in my practice. My proficiency has been reflected in numerous reviews and continuous learning.


As someone with a physically demanding job, I understand the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. That's why I regularly schedule bodywork sessions with other Massage Therapists and listen to my body. I'd love to share my knowledge and principles with you to help you achieve your wellness goals.

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