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$100 per month   / $130 per month


Individuals looking to add massage to their life on a regular basis and know the benefits of regular bodywork.


  • Monthly fee is deducted automatically from your card on file on the date you begin your membership.  
  • The monthly fee includes one sixty-minute session -OR- one 90 minute- session.
  • Sessions can be shared with friends or family.  
  • Sessions roll over for up to 3 months.
  • Memberships can be paused anytime without losing valid sessions.
  • Additional services beyond your included session can be enjoyed at 20% off.
  • Appointments can be set on auto which means you can set your day and time and repeat up to 6 months in advance.


Individuals looking to try multiple sessions because massage has been recommended by another health care provider.

  • Buy ( x )number of massages in a series and (x )number of training sessions
  • Depending on your needs, I can assimilate a care plan that includes a 10% discount on entire series purchase.
  • Must be purchased in person.
  • Works great for individuals looking for many sessions in a short time period.  (college athletes, traveling athletes, and individuals with treatable conditions like plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, IT Band syndromes, headaches, TMJ and more.

#___ of massages

#___of mobility/ stability sessions

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